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Sequester carbon. Reduce emissions. Build soil health.
Improve profitability.

Are you implementing any sustainable land use practices? Interested in learning more about soil health?

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Reducing tillage intensities

Keep carbon where it belongs and build soil structure

Incorporating cover crops, crop rotations or intercropping

Reach deeper soils, fix nutrients and feed beneficial organisms

Reducing your synthetic fertilizer applications

Save costs and heal the cycle

Incorporating livestock into your cropping system

Fertilizing machines that earn you additional revenues

Implementing regenerative grazing techniques such as high-density and multi-species grazing

More animals, more impact, more profit

Changing your irrigation management system

Efficient irrigation improves your yields, costs and CarbonCrop revenues

Whether you’re a farmer or not, you can benefit from our CarbonCrop Rewards Programme in many ways:

We quantify your carbon impact and sell those environmental benefits to large corporates in the form of carbon credits, passing on majority of those revenues to you.

We want to help you do what you do best – FARM!! Which is why we require minimal effort from you to make sure you get more time building your operation

Driven by the extent of your sustainable practices, we pay out up to 75% of the CarbonCrop profits. Measuring other on-farm emission reductions in addition to soil carbon sequestration ensures maximum value to you

At no cost to you, we share personalized insights and tools with you to give you the resources to drive better strategic decision-making

We finance all project-related costs meaning you will never have to pay us. In fact, we refuse to give you our bank details

Because of our tech- and science-based solutions, rigorous validation process and the quantification of other ecological benefits, you receive more for your CarbonCrop

We validate your farming practices and provide you with a verified management practice certificate which you can use to brag to your clients / partners / stakeholders

By signing up as a farmer / partner, you will receive a unique referral code. After referring qualifying farmers, you will be rewarded by earning a portion of the carbon credit revenues

We handle most of the steps to allow you to focus on what you do best – Farm!

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Online onboarding

Complete our online onboarding and data submission processes in 4 easy steps


Implementation of practices

Implement the practice changes to reduce emissions, sequester carbon and build soil health



Our experts and models quantify the GHG sequestration and emission reductions and other environmental / ecological benefits


Validation of practices

Through our state-of-the-art tech solutions, we validate your management practices and submitted data



We submit all information to the independent auditors who verify the credits, ensuring that the credits are of high trustworthiness and value


Up to 75% pay out

After selling the issued credits, we pay you up to 75% of the CarbonCrop profits while also providing you with valuable insights including visualised reports

Plant Change. Grow Carbon. Harvest Value.

Whether you are already practicing regenerative agriculture, are thinking about it or simply want access to our free tools and resources. Whether you’re a farmer or not.

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We’re backed by the best

Orizon is backed by the proudly South African VAT IT group, the world’s largest RegTech group with over two decades of knowledge and experience.